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USA 7010-A1

AWS A5.5 Class E7010-A1

USA 7010-A1 is a high cellulose electrode developed specifically for welding pipe lines. Although this electrode may be used in any position, it is best suited for vertical up or vertical down welding. USA 7010-A1 yields a forceful arc with deep penetration, producing a weld puddle that wets and spreads well, with rapid solidification. Weld deposits are of X-ray quality, with 70,000 psi tensile strengths and containing % Mo. USA 7010-A1 electrodes may be used with AC or DC (reverse polarity).

USA 7010-A1 is most commonly used for welding carbon-moly piping used in high pressure, high temperature steam service and structural shapes, plates and castings, which have a % Mo content.