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AWS/SFA 5.11-90 Class EniCrFe-3
MIL-E-22200/3 Type MIL-8N12 UNS # W86182

Welding Positions
Flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead

Washington Alloy 182 is a “General Purpose” nickel-chromium-iron flux-coated electrode used for joining many dissimilar combinations of nickel base alloys, of the nickel chromium type, to themselves or to stainless or mild steels. This electrode will consistently produce x-ray quality and machinable weld deposits. Excellent for welding Inconel? 600 to itself or to carbon steel and stainless steel; or high chromium Incoloy? 800 to nickel-copper Monel? 400 or nickel base alloy 200. Washington Alloy 182 is also used for joining nickel base alloy 200 to stainless steel and nickel-copper Monel? 400 to carbon steel.

Since Washington Alloy 182 is so versatile, it can be used for countless applications. However more common applications include the chemical or petrochemical industries and the nuclear industry where it is used to weld dissimilar joints between vessels and primary piping. Washington Alloy 182 is often used for welding the clad side of nickel-chromium-iron clad steel and for re-surfacing steel.